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Protesters want removal of statue from Columbus Circle

A video I shot last night. Should we remove the statue of Christopher Columbus? Don’t we have more serious problems? Don’t we need the police to better protect out lives, not this statue. By the way, the most ridiculous thing we have in my home country is a dead body right in the center of Red Square in Russia-)) I hope one day Lenin’s Tomb (also known as Lenin’s Mausoleum) will be removed from the Red Square. But I don’t mind about having the Statue of Lenin all over my country. It’s part of our history. We shouldn’t rewrite the history. It can repeat itself.

NYC During Protests

After nearly three months of Quarantine, NYC store owners were still reeling from closings caused by the pandemic, but now are facing a new challenge. Protecting their shops from looting during civil unrest and curfew.
Completly shut down and now boarded up.
It costs $5,000-$10,000 to board up one store but its worth it because the amount of money that owners can lose from looting can be critical.