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MLVC Podcast Interview

New Interview on MLVC Podcast with Producer/Director of “Like a Prayer” Documentary Film!

Check out the brand new episode of MLVC Podcast hosted by Stefan and Tony!   Their first ever guest on the show is Oxana Nabokova, Producer/Director of the new film “Like a Prayer” Documentary . Their conversation starts off with special memories from the Rebel Heart Tour experience. Both Stefan and Oxana were “Unapologetic Bitches” brought on stage.

Then goes in depth into the making of her new movie, and reveals up coming limited screening dates in the u.s., not to be missed!

Tony, and Stephan, host a Madonna Podcast on Spotify called “MLVC” Jeannie and Oxana pictured in the middle.

Listen to the entire interview of MLVC Podcast with Oxana Nabokova on


Fans reactions after Like a Prayer Screening in Los Angeles

Fans meeting the Director Oxana Nabokova at Los Angeles Private Screening of “Like a Prayer”

Like a Prayer Official Film Teaser

Private Screening of Like a Prayer in NYC May 5th, 2019

Outtake from Like a Prayer Documentary

Outtakes from MLVC Podcast Review of “Like a Prayer”