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Technical Problems Didn’t Discourage Madonna fans from waiting to see “Like a Prayer” Film

The first thing I would like to say – is my apology for the huge delay yesterday for the “Like a Prayer” screening. Even if it’s not my fault, this is my film, my screening and I’m responsible if anything goes wrong. I want to say to each of you, thank you for giving us a chance.. Six (!) chances to fix the problem. That’s how many times we tried to play the film and it took us 1 hour and 40 minutes to make it happen. Only 3 people left (because they had a meeting) All the other film goers were patiently waiting for the movie to begin, talking to each other , making jokes that they got used to waiting for Madonna at concerts, so they can wait for my film to begin as well 😊

Instead of a 7:30 p.m. start time, we began to screen at 9:11 p.m.
When I began to do all these screenings, I had a lot of nightmares, for example: how I walked inside an empty theater, how people decided to leave the screening after just the first 5 minutes because they didn’t like it. And this was also one of my nightmares, but that became real. How the screen froze and the film stopped playing. To make sure that it would never happen we always come to the theater 2-3 days before the screening to check the sound and video. We did it last time. Everything worked perfectly. We began to screen the film at 7:35 p.m. After 7 minutes, the screen froze, and it stopped playing. Only the sound was working. My heart almost stopped. Technicians told us; it will take 20 minutes for them to reset the entire system.

7:50 p.m. The second chance. We began to play film again. The same moment, 7th minutes in and it got frozen again. I asked everyone to give us one more chance. I’ve asked is already 15 minutes ago and I felt so stupid. Even if it’s not our fault, I knew that our format is working, but still I felt so ashamed. And I said so to the audience, but everyone was so positive and funny, because I had my T-shirt that read “I’m not Ashamed” lol. All Madonna fans were so excited to see the film and nobody wanted to leave. Everyone was hoping to see the film.

My last hope died, when they told us that they can’t play our DCP format. This is our 4th screening in NYC at the same theatre, but a different room and it was the first time that this happened.

8:10 p.m. Luckily, we live just 15 minutes away from the theatre. Jeannie ran home right away to get a disc with another film format ” Blu-Ray”. She came back to the theatre in 7 minutes. (I don’t know how she did it)

8:30 p.m. Third chance. We began to screen the film again.

After the first 3 minutes our “Blu -Ray” crashed. I was in tears. Jeannie ran to the technical booth to help to clean the disc. .

15 minutes later we began to screen again and …

It crashed again. The technicians told us, that the “Blu-Ray” isn’t working. We were about to cancel the screening and then I asked if it’s possible to screen the film from Vimeo. I have my film there with the private link, that I gave I think to everyone who works with Madonna. The technicians said, that it takes time to download 64 gb of film. It was already 9 pm. I was almost hopeless.
At that time, I was afraid to go back to the theatre room, because I thought it’s empty and everyone left. My other nightmare. But nobody left (except 3 people, who had meeting.)

Amazingly, Madonna fan Hayley Johnson, made cupcakes for everyone to celebrate our screening! And thanks to her, nobody stayed hungry, everyone was eating desert, refilling their popcorn, patiently waiting for the film, making fun, that they are Madonna fans, they know how to wait.

Someone even told me, that if they are not gonna see the film today, they will go on tour with me just to finally see it. It really touched my heart to see everyone still excited to see the film.

9:05 p.m. We were about to cancel the screening. Because none of the options were working. We were so upset; we are working so hard to make all these screenings happen. I was ready to put my film on YouTube yesterday and I don’t know why, but Jeannie and I talked about how we don’t even know if Madonna saw my film or not and then miracle happened. I remember, that a long time ago I copied my film in a regular format to a thumb drive for Madonna. In case, somehow one day I’ll meet her either at the concert or somewhere else and .I can finally give my film to her. I put this flash card in my purse and all the time I carried it in my purse with me, even when I go to walk my dog, or when I go to the supermarket to buy bread 🙂 Thank you Jeannie for making me remember about it!
We ran to the technicians and they said they can try to play the film from my thumb drive.
9:11 p.m. we began to screen film for the six time. It’s being playing that 7 minutes, that had crashed 5 times before. I couldn’t breath and the film kept playing finally and the audience began to clap. We finally made it!

The moment that was crashing all the time was right before the moment about 9/11 in the “Like a Prayer” film.
I want to say thanks again to everyone who came to support the “Like a Prayer” Film. Who was so patient with us.
The film reaction was amazing.

I really didn’t hear anything bad about the film. I saw again how people were crying during the screening. I heard they were laughing as well. It made me proud. It means people appreciate my job. I’m happy that my film gives people amazing emotions. It’s priceless.

I want to say thanks to Madonna for inspiring me to make this film. My life in America was completely different before. I didn’t want to live. But everything changed when I got on stage with Madonna 4 years ago. Madonna gave me a lot of love and confidence, that I was missing. The next day after I was on stage with her, I began to work on the “Like a Prayer” Film, it took me 4 years to make. It helped me to recover after all the challenges I faced in my life.
Coincidentally, yesterday at the screening was October 8th was the 4 anniversary, on October 8th 2015 when I was on stage with Madonna for the first time. She saved my life and I’m so grateful.

This film is my gift to Madonna.

I dedicate it to her and to all her fans, whom she saved. I don’t want to think about distribution or any other plans with the film, until I’ll be sure, that Madonna saw my film.

Meanwhile ,the “Like a Prayer” film is available only for private screenings. I truly believe, that all dreams can come true, I believe that we are on this life to help one another. This is what my film is about.
Our next screening in Chicago, October 22nd.

For tickets:

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