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How to get from Balcony to Beer Chair at Madame X Show

Meet John, from Atlanta.

He was the Beer chair Fan who got to meet Madonna. He proves us that its not necessary to have the most expensive seat to talk to Madame X. Anyone has a chance. How? Watch his personal journey on Madame X TV, episode No.7!

October 8th, Like a Prayer Screening

May 5th was the very first “Like a Prayer” Screening. Not only in New York, but in general. I remember, I was so nervous , nobody saw my film before and I didn’t know what to expect. I was sitting alone all the way in the back of the theater, watching people react to the film, wondering if moments from the film , that were funny for me, was funny for the audience too?
Would some part of the story touch people’s heart the same way it touched mine?
And it did. Each time people were clapping or laughing in the audience, it made me proud of my film so much. It pushed me to do more screenings. Over 400 people joined our 3 screenings of “Like a Prayer” Film in New York.
Thank you MLVC Podcast for mentioning our film.

Our last screening in Manhattan , is on October 8th. You can get your ticket online: