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Madame X TV- Check out Chicago Madonna fans Style

I was so excited to be in Chicago and to see the shows. Two Shows left, but it was a little bit challenging to shoot in Chi-Town because it was so cold, its much colder compared to NY and it was very windy but it was so much fun to talk to fans. Check out our last episode of Madame X Tv in Chicago.

Our next episode in San Francisco is coming next week, stay tuned.

Like a Prayer Film Screening in Chicago

I want to say thank you to everyone who came to our film screening of “Like a Prayer.”

I was so happy to see that from the first minutes when the film began, I saw positive reactions and how everyone was laughing on some moments, because they recognized themselves.

So funny, how at each screening people are laughing on different moments. And each time they are crying on different parts of the film as well. “Like a Prayer” film is a very positive and inspirational film.

I tried to include the most recognizable life challenges, that everyone can relate to. Not only Madonna fans.

Some of the fans came to me and Jeannie and said that they want to begin a new life right away. And it’s all because I showed them how Madonna and our idols help us to follow our dreams and to never give up. ⁣

It was nice to hear amazing feedback from people, who are not fans and have never seen a Madonna show before. ⁣
I hope, that they will now Madonna has 4 more shows in Chicago. ⁣

Special thank you to Aaron and Justin for joining us last night.

Our next screening will be in San Francisco.
Sunday, November 3
For tickets: