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Donate to “Madame X TV” Fan Project: Get a Madonna T-shirt Exclusive

*For a limited time, donate at least $45 to get your very own High Quality %100 Cotton Madonna I’m Not Ashamed” T-shirt or the “Who’s That Girl‘ T-shirt shipped to you. (Price includes Shipping & Handling anywhere in the U.S./Canada)
Make sure to add your desired size upon checking out & your correct shipping address! Your Tee will be delivered in 1 to 2 weeks.

If you prefer to donate any other amount, click on the Go Fund Me Link now!

*All money raised will go towards the Madame X TV Fan Project.

Support the Madame-X TV Fan Project!

As you know, I ​ have been working to document the Madame-X Tour from the fans perspective by shooting stories outside each venue during Madonnas tour.

As well as spending time to edit each story, can take up to 7 hrs in a day.
Despite there being no cameras allowed inside the venue, the show outside the theater can be quite entertaining as you are about to see!
There are now over 15 stories available right now on my YouTube Channel ! And if you enjoy watching Madame X TV, here’s your chance to show your support for this special Madonna Fan Project, and click the Go Fund Me logo below!

If everyone donates just $5, it will help alot!

So far I made 18 episodes of the Madame X TV, in a 5 different cities, all episodes together have over 140,000 views on YouTube.
You can watch all the episodes of the Madame X TV at
“Like a Prayer” Film YouTube Channel :