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Madonna’s team supports “Like a Prayer” Film.

Madonna’s team supports “Like a Prayer” Film. Our first Screening is on Friday, September 13th.  AMC Theatre in Times Square, NYC.
Tickets available:

Madonna Party at the Ritz after the screening!
Yes, this is happening now and I can’t hide what I feel. Madonna’s team supports the documentary film about all of us, Madonna’s fans. Now the schedule of the world tour screenings is available on official Madonna’s web site. It means so much to me.

This is the first ever documentary film about Madonna fans, that was published on our Queen’s web site. I still don’t know, if Madonna saw the film or not, but some people from her managment did and they liked this film. I’m so grateful, I remember, how hard it was to begin to work on a documentary, with no producers, no sponsors, and no budget. And I’m still working on it 24/7, because to have 20 screenings around the world is a lot of work. But I’m not complaining. I’m just so happy and it’s so nice to do, what you love. I can’t wait to meet all the fans.

For all fans, that are still coming to NYC and who was supposed to attend the Madame X show on September 12th, we are offering free drinks at our afterparty.

Our first Screening is on Friday, September 13th.
Times Square, AMC Theatre
Tickets available:
Madonna Party at the Ritz after the screening!

The Celebration Begins!

We know how hard it’s been around this Madame X Tour era, but I know, that as soon as the tour begins, we will quickly forget the drama and the heartache about how difficult it was to score tickets to Madonna’s new world tour! And I thought this day would never come because M took such a long break between albums. One advice I’d like to share, if you want to get a good ticket is that every day you should keep checking Ticketmaster because they are adding new tickets for lower prices and that’s what I’m doing as well.

I know that a lot of people are still coming to New York even though the opening nights were postponed, and I can only imagine what you are feeling about it. I would like to offer you free drinks at our Like a Prayer film after party!

Footage from May 5th, 2019 Screening in NYC (Audio by MLVC PodCast)

Our upcoming “Like a Prayer” Documentary film screening in Time Square, NYC on Sept 13th, 2019 at 7pm.

Reserve your seat today and visit: !

It will be our kickoff to the “Like a Prayer” Documentary film world tour screenings all over the world including the Madame X Tour.
Let’s all meet at the screening and begin to celebrate this new era together My film shows a lot of happiness and excitement that we all had during the past tours. Madonna’s last tour changed my life and I share my personal story in the film. The other 4 stories are also shot around the last tour I can’t wait for you to see them and connect to each story.