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Madonna Does Care about her Fans

Madonna canceled her first 3 concerts: Madame X fans needs insurance.

The most devastating news for all Madonna fans. Opening night on September 12 is canceled and two other dates. Now opening night begins on September 17th. I personally feel sorry for all the fans, who planned to come for opening night from other cities and other countries and who are losing their money on flight tickets and hotels. But.. I feel sad, when I got a lot of messages from fans about how much they hate Madonna and her team. And this is after everything she’s done for you? Do you remember the time, when everything fell apart in your life and only her music was the light in your life and now this is your way to say “Thank You” to her?
First of all, you need to understand that the show in a theater depends not only on Madonna, but on hundreds of other things. The show is like a pyramid. Yes, Madonna is on top of that pyramid , but if anything even a small mishap happens in the foundation, the entire pyramid can crash like 1,2,3.

It’s not her personal fault.
Secondly, When you decide to see an artist far away from your home city/’s your personal choice. And you need to understand , that you agreed to the risk, by booking hotels and flights. Flights can be canceled, artists can get sick, you can get sick, your personal life can change and you can change your destination at the last second. And this is also not your fault. This is the fault of “real life”. If you don’t want to loose your money, just get insurance on your flight and hotel. Pay a little more, but you will be 100% secure. Yes, it’s upsetting to have news like we got today. But its not the end of the world. Nobody died. Madonna will have another 17 concerts in New York. If I would be her, I would retire 15 years ago lol. But she’s working hard, she creates powerful music, and I’m sure her new tour is not gonna disapoint. She works very hard to give us the best. Stop talking shit about your idol and blame her on everything. She doesn’t deserve it.

Come to see the “Like a Prayer” Film and see at what she’s done for us. Madonna does care about her fans. It will bring tears to your eyes.
By the way, we are not going to cancel our “Like a Prayer” Film Screening on September 13th in NYC. I would like to invite everyone to see the film. It’s about love and kindness, believing in ourselves and it shows us something, that makes us stronger. This film can change your life.
September 13th, AMC Theatre, Time Square and madonnathon after Party at the Ritz

Madame X TV is coming!

I’m so excited to do reportages from the show from the fans perspective. Because it’s so important for us fans , to share our journey and our thoughts about the tour.

It’s like saving Madonna’s legacy in a time capsule, that’s lastsforever. I made so many projects about Madonna fans, one of them even was streamed on Siberian TV, where I used to work. The latest is “Like a Prayer” Documentary Film, that I’m proud of so much.

By the way, for the film, I shot a lot of footag myself. I just love to capture fan’s emotions during the show, I love interviewing fans and to show their adventures. All reporatges will be released here, on my web site.

If you would like to share any footage from the show (especially footage of fans having fun at the concert) , you can send it to my email Madame X TV – is a part of the “Like a Prayer” Film Project. I’ll include the best moments on “Like a Prayer 2”, that I’m already working on. As a big fan, I went to a lot of Madonna’s events, I didn’t miss any of her appereances in New York and for the last tour I attended each show in America. Below, I’d like to share some rare pictures and videos !

Madonna performing at “Tears of a Clown” in Miami, Dec 2016

Madonna on the Kelly &Ryan Show

Madonna makes a surprise appearance at the 25th Anniversary Truth or Dare Screening in NYC!
Madonna speaking with the Press at the Billboard Women in Music Awards
Madonna posing backstage at the Billboard Women in Music Awards
Madonna applying her new skin care line on a shopper at Barneys!