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Madame X TV: From Lisbon with Love

My new Madame X TV Episode is ready but before I want to share the most exciting news ! I’m so excited to say that our Paris screening is officially on, for February 24th, 2020 at 7pm! You can purchase your tickets here:
I will have a screening and I will be shooting a lot of new episodes of Madame X TV, and I will be traveling with Jeannie and my doggie Maya!

I’ve been working on a new episode of Madame X TV for over 10 hours!

This has been the most challenging work I’ve ever done whie editing Madame X TV because Madonna fans spoke in several different languages and I know only 2. That’s why it was very hard work but I like to challenge myself.

And now now happy to share with you a new episode from Lisbon.

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