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Madonna parties after each Madame X show in Brooklyn, New York.

It seems, like Jeannie, me and my doggie Maya are moving to Brooklyn ha..ha.. ha. And we will have 18 Madonna Parties at EastVille!!! EastVille is a very famous comedy club in Brooklyn, where stand up shows happen with the most famous comedians like Amy Shummer, Tracey Morgan, Sarah Silverman, and many others. They have comedy shows till 10 pm and afterwards we will turn this comedy space into a Madonna night. We will have 2 rooms -a bar, where Madonna fans can chill after the show, including special Madonna inspired drink menu and share their thoughts about the show! In another room – is the dance floor with a stage (and we already have amazing ideas about how to use that stage), where DJ Jeannie will play the best music of our Queen. Each after party begins at 11 pm and even fans who can’t attend the Madame X show are welcome to come the party. Entry fee is $5, if you pre-order your ticket online and $7 at the door.
Facebook RSVP Page for September 12th visit:
Tickets for afterparty on Sept 12th:
Come join the Party!
19 days till opening night of the Madame X World Tour in NYC.
Are you excited yet?

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Stories for Like a Prayer 2

Official Photo from the Like a Prayer Poster, by Jeannie Buxo

It was my big dream to create a very inspirational project about life. And I’m really happy with “Like a Prayer 1” and all of my upcoming world screenings. Now, I’m already working hard on Part 2. And I’m still looking for inspirational fans stories. I’m especially interested in the story of fans, whose job is directly dependent on saving people’s lives (fireman, surgery doctor, lifeguard, rescue team member, etc.), the story of people who like to unconditionally help others, or a story about someone who has a disability.

I remember, one time I went to see the ”The Backstreet Boys”. I was depressed, because I had a problem in my old job. At the concert, I met a group of people who were deaf. Everyone from that group was dancing and had so much fun, that I would never notice, that they can’t hear the music. If I wouldn’t see that man, who give them sign language. I understood, that all my problems were meaningless and stupid.

Like a Prayer 2 Documentary, currently filming in NYC

Any story can be part of “Like a Prayer 2”. It doesn’t necessarily have to be those kinds of stories above. I will be choosing several stories that will be united by the same idea and most likely will have a continuation from the previous story. If your story doesn’t get picked for the second part, it’s not because it’s not interesting, each story is interesting, there’s a real life behind each story.

So far, I have already gotten so many inspirational stories. There are so many falls and rises in each story. A lot of people wrote the same sentence “Madonna saved my life.” What a powerful statement. How can anyone not believe in the power of music after reading these stories?

I had written before, that I was literally in tears reading many of the stories about the pain and challenges that many people went through, about love, disappointments in their life, and about light that Madonna brought into their life.

I would like to share with you now a small part of some stories. (published with permission)

Jillian Roberts

” I played Medillan for Mom before her passing. She clapped smiling knowing I was excited about new music, she wanted nothing more for me to escape for a moment during her hospice.

Madonna’s music saved my life!!

She reaches parts of you that can’t be touched by human hands, good or bad. Madonna is my savior, the light in my life when I can no longer see. My heart that still beats when I feel numb. I’ve always said, Madonna will never know the magnitude of what she’s done for me. I will spend my life trying to thank her. Maybe this is my chance


“My Fan moment started with Like a Prayer. Mesmerized by her voice and visuals she compelled me. 

1990 being the height of the AIDS hysteria, there was this woman putting her career on the line for the gay community at a time when it was scary to be gay in the world. We were all dying and no one wanted to help, when it was career suicide to help us and with a President that didn’t mutter a word of what was going on for 8 years.

The one thing I had to hold on to was Madonna on TV on every interview telling us not to give up and we were perfect the way we were. I prayed every day to not be gay and not die of AIDS..

While listening to The Power of Goodbye I mustered the strength to go to my clinic. By now we’re in 2009 and came backnPositive. I had it. The first thing I thought was “Who’s gonna want me now? And I can’t die yet” the thoughts of old were plaguing me. Took some time to determine that I wanted to live band that we’re not living in the age of AIDS anymore. I realized that all this time Madonna was put in my life to prepare me for this moment with her message and interviews and learn to be a difference, for now I pay it forward in an animal clinic that need so much care and love. Though Story telling is my talent, Animals have been my passion.

I’m forever grateful for this woman and always be in her debt.

Love and Light”

Thomas Evans

“I was at your screening in NYC on July 1st.  I absolutely loved the film and I would love to be in part 2.

..  I have been a fan since I was 9 years old, I am 44 now.  Madonna was like a goddess to me in all forms

..When I got to my late teens and early 20s, I was so ashamed of my sexuality that I turned to drugs.  Madonna released Ray of Light.  The song “Power of goodbye” was my song to drugs.  I knew I had to let them go in order to have a real life.  It took me until I was 26 to put the drugs down and recover.  I am clean 18 years on August 16th.  Thats right my clean date is Madonnas birthday.   That is how I know I have a spiritual connection to her.  People ask me all the time, Did I plan it?  I did not.  That is the universe sending me messages.   Madonna is a spiritual compass for me in my life.  I know that she is just a vessel, just like all of us in this world.  As wired as it sounds God speaks to me through Madonna”.

Ryan Dean

“When I was in my 20s, it was becoming more and more difficult to ignore the truth: I was gay.  I felt completely alone. I felt like I was in a town that would hate me, a family that would reject me, and surrounded by friends who could never understand..

…The song “Jump” started playing, and the world around me stopped. All of a sudden, it felt like this song was the miracle for which I had been praying. This was my sign.

I was a guy in his 20s who had never had a real relationship, and felt like I had never even had a true first kiss (because all of my girl kisses didn’t count, lol). I felt lost again, and still felt like I couldn’t talk to anybody I knew….  And Madonna announced her Confessions Tour. I needed new inspiration. Seeing her perform “Jump” live and her looking into my eyes made me feel empowered. Thanks to that experience, I found the courage to start coming out to my close friends. I found the courage to allow myself to start going on dates.

So I owe everything to Madonna. All these years later, I am now engaged to the man of my dreams and we are getting married in October. Our Bachelor Party will Be On Madonna’s birthday”

Andrea Guart

”A year ago, when I was 14, I discovered Rebel Heart and it changed my life. That time wasn’t the best time because I felt so lonely. My best friend for 9 years started saying things that hurt me and doing things to make me feel bad. Also I wasn’t doing anything to stop it because I felt inferior to her. Rebel Heart helped me to get over it and I’m so grateful to Madonna because she made me stronger with the lyrics that she wrote. My favorite song from the album is Rebel Heart because it talks about being different to other people. She taught me how to be a powerful woman and not to allow myself to be put down.

Thank you Madonna!”

Ronnie Calderon

”I have opened the doors on my own in this country.  I started at very tough jobs. One day I remember this clearly, the manager humiliated me because I didn’t speak English. I remember I grabbed my time card and punched out and the manager told me to come back I looked at him and said one day I will speak better English and I will have a better job.  He laughed at me and said go away. I had a CD walkman on me and the most recent Madonna album at that moment 1992 I started walking out and I played so loud why it’s so hard from Madonna (Erotica album) and I cried, cried so much. I made it home Mom was at the house and I ran to her arms.  And she said to me. You are better than this and you are going to be where you want to be I know you son. 

…I promised my self to speak English and to find me a Decent job and I did.

…I am happy to be who I am, I have found strength, empowerment and Happiness in any Madonna’s Lyrics and  poetry.

That’s why I always love to scream to the whole world”

Gino Gebhart 

“I was born with a learning disability..I been a hairstylist right after high school it was the best thing for a young man that was creative and can’t spell . I doing hair part time and love doing my clients in the salon one day a week whent it’s just the owner I love her she smart. I had a dream to go work for  Disneyland and got in the wig department .After 100 days they let me go because I was not a fit.I took my traing and did the wigs for my nieces school play marry poplins . I did amazing job on the wigs .She loves Madonna she 15 she on my youtube page when I was giving her Madonna tickets . I’m kind of a torched creative person stuck in stupid with dyslexia . It’s has stoped me from marking  Changes in my life fear .

I’m a really thought full person .

I cut homeless people hair .

I feel Madonna gave me tools to live out the rest my live the way god wants me to ..”