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Welcome to the brand new Website for the “Like a Prayer” Film

Dear Friends,
Welcome to my new website.


I’m so excited to announce that we created a big and interactive platform for all Madonna fans.

Here’s what will be featured in our new web site.

The “Like a Prayer” Film
Now we have a blog about the film, and soon I’m going to be Publishing the first and one of the most inspirational stories from “Like a Prayer 2” on my new website. I’m working on this story already. I’m still looking for other stories. And you still have an opportunity to be in “Like a Prayer 2.” It’s time to share your personal journey about how Madonna has inspired your life.
The story I feature for “Like a Prayer 2” will not necessarily be the best. Because I can’t judge that some stories are better than others. I was literately crying reading the stories, that you sent me. There’s a personal life behind each story.
But the story that I choose for “Like a Prayer 2”, should connect to the other stories that I’ll pick and they should have some theme that I have in my mind.
Now you can easily submit your own story for “Like a Prayer 2” through the web site.

-“ Like a Prayer” Film World Screenings.
I’m super excited about it. And I can say that it’s going to be something, very special and unique.

3 continents, 10 countries, 20 cities and 20 film screenings

Make sure to get your ticket to one of the screenings.

– And of course, News, Videos, Photos from the screenings in every city. I can’t wait to meet all of you and to share our film screening experience in the U.S., Mexico, Argentina , and Brazil.

P.S. For everyone who was at my screenings in Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York, please leave your reviews on the website. It’s very important to me.

Madame X TV
– Since the “Like a Prayer” Film is going on a World Tour, including each city of “The Madame X tour” , I can’t wait to make reports about fans on tour and capture some of the best moments from the shows in each city.

Leave your comments on the website, speak your mind, no censorship .

By the way, the brand new film teaser is now available under videos at


A lot of hugs and kisses ,

ps. I want to say thank you to my bestie Jeannie Buxo, who created this web site. She spent so many hours for the last month working on it. And I’m so happy and love how it looks. I Love you Jeannie, you are the best.


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