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Madame X TV in Europe

My final episode from Lisbon. And the most unpredictable end of my journey 😊
Next Episode is in Paris 😜🇫🇷
If you enjoy my Madonna fan passion, support me by clicking here:
Your contributions will help me to create future episodes of Madame X TV.

If you are in Paris, join us for the final film screening of “Like a Prayer” on Feb 24th at 9 p.m. Theatre: Le Brady
39 Boulevard de Strasbourg .
Tickets are available here:

Madame X TV Coming Soon From Lisbon

It’s been a while, since we had our last screening in America, in Miami. And I’m kind of missing that amazing time we had with Madonna fans.

And I’m very excited to shoot a new episode of Madame X TV in Lisbon. It’s going to be a special episode from Portugal. If you would like to support my fan project, click my go fund me page MadameX TV Project :