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Madonna Pop-Up Shop Opens in NYC

Today is such an exciting day in NYC! First the Madonna Pop up shop opened its doors again for a limited time, from now until Sept 19th!

Must haves include 2 patches and Madame X Key-Chain

Fans lined up around the block to get in , as small groups were let in, 15 at a time. It took me 1 hr to finally get inside. SO ha, theres a wide variety of really amazing and quality merchandise. There’s all sorts of prices from cheapest items $15 shot glasses to $2,500 works of art by Mae Corture and autographed by Madonna herself!

Plus the shop boasts exclusive t-shirt colors. The only items that will be for sale at the Madame X tour , are the tour jackets ($350) and the eye patches ($30)! Everything else is the store exclusive merch.

Here’s video footage of today’s excitment!

Today at the Pop Up Shop In NYC

There’s also a photo booth, a makeup section to try on the new “Too Faced” Madonna makeup, and an opportunity to get your shirts personally embroidered !

Madame X always keeps her diary handy!

Then tonight fans are going to attend the world tour premiere screening of “Like a Prayer ” in Time Squares AMC theatre. Tickets are almost sold out, dont miss it! .

If you can’t make it, mark your calendars for Sept 23rd and the final screening date of October 8th in nyc.

Or catch it when it screens around the u.s. and around the world!

Madame X pendant

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