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Kindness from Stranger helped Teacher from Australia Meet Madonna

This is Scott. He came all the way from Australia to see Madonna.

His dream was to meet Madonna, and he had only $2,000. It’s a lot of money but 3 shows before, the Polaroid sold for $5,000 and this time she didn’t want anyone to come to her with $1,000.

Scott decided to try his luck and came to Madonna. But someone else had $4,000 and so Madonna rejected Scott’s money and Scott came back to his seat. But that other person didn’t have cash.

Madonna was so disappointed, Madonna said “I spoke all this time for you for nothing?” Madonna asked if someone has cash? Nobody had more than that and Scott felt he should try a second time.

Someone who he never met before, a Madonna fan from the audience, Abraham, gave him $200.  Scott felt more confident because he had more money, than what he offered her the first time and came back to her.  Madonna asked what he does for a living and he said hes a teacher and Madonna was surprised because she knew that teachers don’t make a lot. So, Madonna gave him the picture.

By the way, the price of this pictures cost almost what Scott makes for one month at his job but Scott has no regrets because he knows its for a good cause and he appreciate it because he works with children and of course the life moment when you finally meet your idol is priceless.

I truly believe that we are in this life to help one another. This is what my “Like a Prayer” film is about,the kindness and love that exists in this world. Come to support my film, last NYC screening happens at AMC Theater in Times Square on October 8th, for the rest of the tour schedule, visit on my website or

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