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The Most Prized Possession from Madame X Show

Tonight was the best Madame X show for me so far. It’s my 18th concert for this tour already. ⁣
And I couldn’t stop shaking when I was gifted, with this photo, to me in my hands, Madonnas Polaroid Picture! ⁣
Thank you @madonna and to the Gods above !


I can’t wait for tomorrow nights film screening of “Like a Prayer” Film with the biggest Chicago Madonna fans. ⁣
Ticket includes cocktails and appetizers:⁣
Tuesday, Oct 22, 2019

7 thoughts on “The Most Prized Possession from Madame X Show”

  1. I hope somebody took you up on your offer of $50,000 as I know you have a real Polaroid. I have one too from the first night in Chicago, and they all look really similar because they were all taken at the same point in the show. Congrats on your Polaroid – it’s like we’re in an exclusive club! 🙂


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