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What Would You Do to Get Madonnas Polaroid?

Madame X TV is back and in Los Angeles !

If you would like me to continue to shoot new episodes, please support Madame X TV, by donating to my Go Fund Me page, any dollar amount will help.

I know that alot of fans like Madame X TV,  but unfortunately, I can’t keep doing it because it takes me 7 hours to shoot just one episode.

Its a full time job. Even if one episode is just 3 minutes long. But if you would like to support this idea, then we will continue to shoot in each city where Madame X travels to.

I would like to keep the legacy of Madonna fans alive since there are no cameras allowed on the Madame X Tour.

It takes me 7 hours to make one episode: Shooting time is 3 hours and 3 hrs to edit.  Another hour is spent organizing the files.   It takes alot of time, and I have my own film screenings  as well that I am organizing and I would like to ask if you enjoy these episodes donate any amount and it can help me to continue this project for all fans.

Like a Prayer Film Screening in Los Angeles, November 18

We are so happy to be back in Los Angeles, to bring to the big screen the “Like a Prayer” film for a 2nd time this year. We had an amazing time back in June and met some incredible Madonna fans.

Official Film Poster
The legendary “Santa Monica Playhouse” , at 8pm is ready for a special one-night only screening of “Like a Prayer.” Limited number of tickets available:

Plus, Important Update for the Time/Location for the “Like a Prayer” Screening Monday, November 18th:
Please note the Theatre Location has been changed for “Like a Prayer” Documentary Film
The Screening will be at the legendary “Santa Monica Playhouse” ,
1211 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA at 8pm. Followed by a Q&A with the Director and Cast from the Film,
Then, the All Madonna Fan Night continues as we head to Precinct DTLA for an All Madonna Dance Party ! We look forward to having you join us Monday night!

Check-in Press/Arrivals: 8:00 p.m.
Movie Begins: at 8:30 pm
Q&A with Director & Cast: 9:50 pm
Afterparty: PRECINCT -357 S. Broadway
Tickets :