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Madonna Fell and Cried at last nights Show

Review by Jeannie buxo, one of the subjects in the Like a Prayer film.

What a show . I have never witnessed madonna more vulnerable in all my journey as her fan .
I thought I was through with Madame x show after so many nights but tonight was the most memorable .
madonna came on around 11 pm
Two celebrities cited were “JR” and David Blaine with his entire family”
I was sitting front row center . Already happy to be in this theatre but then to be in the best seat in the House was just wow. The stage was much higher than any stage of this tour and there was quite a distance from the front row to the stage . A white line was drawn so that fans knew where to stand. There was a great atmosphere before the show began . Many great friends who I had made at the “Like a Prayer” screenings in Lisbon and Paris where here so it really was nice to be see them again and to catch up. Then 30 minutes after the musicians did their pre-show , The Madame-X show began . It sadly started without the opening songs that we are familiar with. She cut the first act of the show to save her energy. So there was no “god control” , no “dark ballet”. No “human nature”. No “express yourself” with her kids. It started at ‘VOGUE.’
It was the first time I saw the show like that. This modified show started in London. So they alternate , each time she does a back to back show, the second one will be shorter.

Back to the show review . So she comes out at ‘Vogue” and looks great, and everyone is out of their seats . Including myself . Jumping and voguing to every beat . When the song is approaching the end , the dancer I think forgot to move the chair closer to m and she went to sit down but instead just dropped to the floor on her ass . She was in pain visibly and angry. Right after that she did “ I don’t search I find “ she had trouble moving . Then when it came time to take a photo of with her Polaroid camera , she kicks the camera and asks for a chair, she begins to cry, looks visibly shaken and trembling and I couldn’t believe how madonna was so vulnerable for what seemed like an endless moment . It was only the beginning of the show and madonna seemed to be falling apart before my eyes and how grateful I was to be here to try to cheer her up with my energy, that she needed from all of us . We started to cheer for her and jumping and telling her it will be ok . She said (paraphrasing) that she is the one that put herself in this Situation and she is gonna fight and see it through till the end ( meaning the tour and all of its too many tour dates ) she said several times to the audience , ”I don’t want you to feel sorry for me.”
She complained that her shoes were ugly and we said no! (They were the same cute boots that she used to wear during the blond ambition days . )
The audience gave her a rousing hand of applause and made her feel so loved .
The lucky guy who bought the Polaroid tonight paid $3,000. I had seen him earlier speak with security to secure his offer with M. They told him he would get it so he was the only one that was able to go up to approach her when she asked who is feeling generous . She mentioned how the people in Malawi have so little and they are so happy but that we who have it all aren’t . And how ironic it all is. ( she made herself out to be very unhappy at this moment )
At this moment I would have wished I had brought money , because she still literally had tears in her eyes (they brought her a tissue ) to tell her she is loved .
Before he left, she gave him two other photos so he walked away with three Polaroids !
When “American Life” began I caught her eye and she smiled. Then she saw our energy and threw her guitar pic towards Oxana and I. It landed right in front of us . And I got it ! It was a dream that I had since the start of the show .
With “Batuka” she came on very strong and back in full dance mode. Really giving it her she never had a bad show start,
Then she invited us all into her fado club and she was in a good mood . She was making us sing “un deux trox…in French. This was the first time I saw Madonna drinking alchol on stage , she said she learned to enjoy Port in Portugal and they brought her a glass and her and her dancer, made a toast. When she was on the piano she said “Even though I was crying like a baby at the beginning of the show doesnt mean that I still can’t kick each one of your asses!” She was so cute.
She skipped going into the audience during “Medillin.
She skipped “Beer Chair “ and instead sat on the side of the stage stairs and sang a Beautiful rendition of “La Vie en Rose” which I loved so much . Just before the song began she asked for a glass of Rose! And she sang a line from “Champagne Rose” song !

She said at one moment during that part when she is laying down on the piano, she she is losing her mind , people on the audience said no! But she answered that it’s ok ! Lol
During “Frozen” she truly belted it out very beautifully .
She came out to do “come alive” Bare foot !
Before she began the song “Future” she said to everyone to remember the meaning of what the song “come alive” is all about . It’s about standing up for yourself and making yourself heard . Not to give up in what you believe in
She skipped “Crave” as well. I thought though for sure she would do it because they showed the song and video on the screen for a few minutes.
When “Like a Prayer”came on she looked amazing and sang her heart out and we made a short connection.
The moment when madonna and I had the most connection came for “I Rise :, she saw me jumping and she started to smile at me and we did fist bumps in the air together .
In all despite the edits, our girl is real fighter , and was trimphant and I am so lucky to have been there to witness it and to do it with my bestie who also got an amazing moment with the Queen 🥰😍

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