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L.A. Weekly Highlights Like a Prayer Documentary Film Screening in Los Angeles

This was our 2nd screening in L.A. and we were so happy to be back. We are featured in L.A. Weekly, here. Thank you to Michael Cooper for attending. It was nice to see you there and at the Madame-X Shows.
So far we have had 4 screenings on the West Coast (2 in San Francisco & 2 in L.A.), for a total of 10 screenings all over the U.S. (4 in NYC, Chicago, & Las Vegas.) We have only two more screenings in America, left. Philadelphia and Miami. I can’t wait to meet all the fans.

Click on the links to get your tickets 🎫!

Philadelphia on December 9th-
Miami on December 16th-

Also we will have two more screenings in December :

Mexico, Mexico City on December 14th ( ) &

Like a Prayer is on IMDB

I’m so happy to see that “Like a Prayer” film is on IMDB. Now my documentary film is on the most important database in the Movie/TV and Film Industry. I put everyone that worked on the film and people who were in the film.

I want to say to everyone, thank you for being a part of this amazing project. It means so much to me , especially because it’s my first film, and because this film is about Madonna and her fans.

I want to ask all the fans that saw the film to leave a review for me. Your review is the best reward I can get!