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About the “Like a Prayer” World Tour Screenings

I could never imagine, that I would go so far with my “Like a Prayer” film.

I remember how hard it was to organize the first screening. How busy I was, that I was stuck at home every day and evening. Thanks to my doggie, Maya, she was the reason why I went out to get some air.  In my case, I wasn’t her, she was walking me. All of the time and energy I spent for the first film screening and then the second, third, and fourth was worth it thanks to the reactions that the film has been receiving from fans. Sometimes I’m crying, reading all the warm messages and congratulatory words towards the film. I know now, that each hour, each month, each year working on this amazing project was definitely worth it. The time and energy that was spent on 4 private screenings in the West and East Coasts as well.

Now “Like a Prayer” will have 20 more upcoming screenings in 20 cities, 10 countries and 3 continents. And there are only two people who are behind organizing the screenings and after-parties all over the world. Me and my bestie Jeannie Buxo. We don’t have a sponsor, or publicist or a producer. We don’t have money to afford all these people. But we want to spread the word about our love and passion for Madonna, and we want people to get inspired more and more with her amazing energy. And we have the priceless support. The support from her fans.

Official Film Poster For Like a Prayer

I want to say thanks to everyone, who believes in me and in my film. In our film. It’s so wonderful to have the support of people, that are united by the same idea, passion, and the same love for Madonna.

I want to say thanks to the fans, who offered their help to translate the film in Spanish.  I was surprised that most of you asked me to send you even more text to translate, even after you completed tons of text. To translate is a very robotic job, it might get annoying, especially when the text is boring as hell and you push yourself to translate. I’m so happy, that you could enjoy the stories of “Like a Prayer” as well, while you were translating it. Yes, “Like a Prayer” is a feature length film with 120 minutes. So… Thank you so much: Peter Stacee Jaxx, Alexis Gonzalez Guarneros, Dirk Verbeeck, Odt Saga, Plourde-Pamatz Abel Ryan ,and Carlos G Copka. A big thanks to the amazing Alejandro Parrila, who helped to grammatically correct the Spanish version.

A want to say thanks to Alexis Gonzalez Guarneros who became a big part of “Like a Prayer” family and our Guide in Mexico. He helped us to find a movie theatre in Mexico City.

I want to say big thanks to Facu Muller and Alejandro Parrila for doing the same job right now in Buenos Aires. We are looking for the theatre and afterparty place.

I want to say thank you to Sara Gato, Grazivolpiano, Camila Campos for helping me to translate the film in Portuguese. Now I know, that “Like a Prayer” in Portuguese is “Como uma Oraçao”.

I want to say thanks to Fernando Soto for his help in finding us a beautiful theatre in Madrid.  You reached out to so many theatres and I think we picked the best one right in the center of Madrid.

Finally, a special thanks goes to the French version of “Like a Prayer” Film. I want to say thank you to @xxsarxh and @sofibanofee for their offer to translate the “Like a Prayer” film in French. Please take your time, because it takes so much time and Thanks God, we have it! The screening in Paris is in March 2020 and I’m so excited about it! By the way, Jeannie Buxo speaks French as well-)) I know, babe, you are busy with a hundred jobs for the “Like a Prayer” film, but maybe you’d be interested to translate your own story-))

Now the good news for you and the bad for me. Lol. The “Like a Prayer” film will be seen in Portuguese, Spanish and French subtitles. I took your advice.  Almost everyone voted for subtitles!  I’m completely against them, because we are all lazy in Russia. We never read subtitles and plus we use one Russian language all over Russia, not like the Spanish language, which is different in Mexico, Spain, Argentina and a lot of other countries. (I was so surprised about it.) Plus, for me it’s a lot of work. Because I’m going to be the one who will puts in all the subtitles. In general I am so happy about it because I learned so many Spanish words. Gracias. Now I know that “Like a Prayer” in Spanish is  “Como Una Plegaria or “Como Una Oracion.”

Let me thank the people who have helped us with the “Like a Prayer” Screenings.

I want to say thanks to the amazing Hugo Salazar JR., he was the host for both film screenings in NYC and he also made a voiceover for the young Madonna fan. You lied in your application and said you were 12 years old ( Hugo’s age begins with the number 3) but that was the case when lies brings the best to the film. Because you are so talented and the way you play with your voice and to express the emotions of a 12 years old Madonna fan is priceless. (Hello to all the people who like subtitles, and doubt that voice overs can be used.) That was a story in the film, when most of the audience cried, and you Hugo, are part of the success of this story. Thank you for being patient with microphone problems. As someone from the audience said, you handled it better than Madonna did in ‘Truth or Dare”. lol.

I want to say thanks to Nikita Khripach for shooting the Q&A at our first movie premiere. Who would ever think that 13 years ago, we were sitting together at our desks in lecture class at the journalism dept. in Siberian University, that one day, we would move to NY and sometimes we would collaborate together.

Thank you Alexis Gonzalez Guarneros. The first time we met was at the first screening in NYC, and I’m so happy that you got so much inspiration and you are now part of the “Like a Prayer” Family. You are so responsible, you literally help with everything; from translating to finding a theater to book in Mexico, or helping us to organize the screening in NYC. I like your own personal story a lot. And I’m so happy that you will be part of “Like a Prayer 2” and you will be able to inspire other people.

A Big thanks to Galushko Elena and Cranberry_Project and of course to Svetlana Stoli and Gioconda for performing at our “Like a Prayer” film afterparty. Russian team is always powerful.

And DJ Luciano Lima from Brazil for helping us to be a Dj at the afterparty in NYC. So that my bestie Jeannie Buxo could have some drinks with me and dance to Madonna. Now we are coming to your country, Brazil and I can’t wait to meet other Brazilian fans in December/January.

I want to say thank you to Terry Martin for helping us to shoot the Q&A in San Francisco in a very beautiful historical place, even though the theatre was dark, you made magic with my iPhone.

And Tiffany Linter for hosting Q&A in San Francisco. I sent you the script right before the screening would begin but you were hosting this event like you had planned it months in advance.

I want to thank Eddie Corronado for offering us to help to promote “Like a Prayer” Film screening in Los Angeles. He gave away hundreds of flyers, which is a hell of a job. Its really difficult nowadays, to give flyers, because people are really busy and usually ignore it. Everyone who gives away flyers knows how hard it can be. We also never met before but you were so hospitable and showed us all of L.A. and even secret Madonna locations. To us and my doggie Maya. I hope she didn’t leave a lot of fur in your car.

Thank you William Brogan and your boyfriend for doing routine with the flyers in San Francisco. I was so happy to meet both of you in person.

Thank to Brady Walters for helping us get the word out in Los Angeles ! We were so happy to share the night with you and Doug, hopefully you will both see the film when it comes to L.A. in November !

Brendan Petrizzo we met in NYC two years ago during the shooting of another film, It was so amazing to see you again in L.A. Thank you for being an excellent host for the Q&A and for making it through crazy traffic in LA.

Thank you, Alex Elliott,for making a DCP of the film for us. DCP costs at least $700 to make, and this was an expense that we couldn’t afford. Before, we would use a Blu-ray that would cut on the sides of the screen. Now we will finally enjoy the film full sized in our next 20 screenings, thank you for supporting our project

Thank you Rondi Bryson for bringing me flowers at the LA screening, you treated me like a Hollywood star, ha ha. Because of your help, we have amazing footage that we can keep as a memory of the event.

Thank you Luana Sandoval. You came to our home after your work during the evening, during your free time, and you sent messages to dozens of people .
Matt Rettenmund, Madonnalicious, L.A. Ray and Nelson Melegrito thank you for sharing the events each and every time. You’re support does not go unnoticed.

Thank you to Stefan Mreczko and Tony Trius for inviting me to be part of your MLVC Podcast and mentioning me and my film many times on various other podcasts. I’m a subscriber! So many people told me that they heard our talk and were laughing and liked it so much. It shows that you guys are doing such a wonderful job and you have so many listeners.

Thank you for sharing the events from the West Coast and East coast, your support means everything for us.

Now you can see that this project is not just two people. It is now become universal. I never met all of these people before. They had simply heard about my project, liked it and reached out to help. I am grateful to all of you and we can’t wait to meet more fans at all the other up coming screenings around the world.

And Thank you, Madonna. We love you so much. You make people come together and help together.

Fan Reviews of “Like a Prayer”

By hayleyj-33868

This film takes you on a journey into the lives of a very few loyal Madonna super fans. Where loyalty and the love of Madonna and her Music crosses the lines between idol worship and the sheer admiration of a living angel….you decide for yourself as you may be deeply moved and surprised. Bring some tissues for this one. A must see for all Madonna fans, and for Madonna herself to see what she has created on a deeper level. This film will leave you inspired to follow your dreams.

By matthew_lawton

A really interesting collection of personal stories of Madonna super fans following her on tour, and the often inspirational impact she has had on their lives. Surprisingly personal and touching, this is a well made film that can equally be enjoyed by casual fans (and even the yet to be converted)!

By tonghoanglinh

A very heartfelt documentary which is clearly a labour of love from all the contributors. It made me laugh out loud, cry happy tears, and feel proud to be a Madonna fan. All the stories are real, relatable, and full of life. The journey of making this film is amazingly inspiring. Considering this is her first feature documentary, the director did a wonderful job, especially the coherent editing. Hope this one will be shown at many Documentary Film Festivals.

By rrrick-01511

Every once in a while you are confronted with something that alters your perspective and changes a fundamental understanding that you have. This film does just that on the surface it is a documentary about the fans of superstar Madonna .Like a prayer goes so much deeper than that and even for someone like me who is not that much of a Madonna fan it captivated me for the entire length of the film. Like a prayer the title of an early Madonna song begins off slowly and builds . The film is actually a celebration of the lives and hopes and dreams of a select group of what I call super fans who go to extreme lengths to follow Madonna on her world tours.It delves into their lives in almost surgical detail yet never loses their humanity in the introspection it provides. This film is the first effort of director Oxana Nabokova a native of Siberia Russia who came here with next to nothing except her dreams. Oxana had cut her teeth in film as a news broadcaster in her native home. For someone or for that matter anyone to put together a feature length film and have it shown without major backing is nothing short of a miracle and documentaries are notoriously hard to bring to the big screen. Oxana is also a major fan and she is as talented as she is beautiful and beating within her is a heart that I know will propel her to do great things . Go see this film if you get a chance you will be glad you did.

By Anthony Trifaro
The “Like a Prayer” documentary was absolutely amazing. We are so glad we went to the screening! The content was thought-provoking, inspirational beyond belief and a must-see for all Madonna fans. It shows the special place fans hold in their heart for the Queen of Pop and in turn how gracious she can be to her true admirers.

By Gregory
The movie was top notch. Good from beginning to end. A fascinating insight into fanatical fans, whether you like Madonna or not. I told a friend how good it was, so I am going again with him. A true gift to Madonna!! Congrats Oxana! Award worthy for sure!!

By fsavage-37887

After working out my schedule I was finally able to go see the “Like a prayer” documentary. It was a great time being surrounded by other Madonna fans. The film was wonderful and while watching it I connected with the the four fans in the film. We have such a passion for Madonna that we go the distance to see our queen. It was great seeing the film also because it got my energy pumped for the new tour. I highly recommend people to go see it

By retroberrie

I saw this film with my husband at a special screening in Times Square. It so inspiring to watch all the stories and I felt extremely moved by the overall theme connecting them all, to follow your dreams. My husband doesn’t share my passion for Madonna but loved watching this film with me all the same! He now understands Madonna better after watching the film and now understands why so many people are inspired by her work and message. It brought us closer together, because he understands my personal journey through the eyes of the people in this film. The stories were heartfelt and took you on a wild ride, It had us laughing then crying, it even had elements of surprise and suspense! I have to recognize the efforts of Oxana, DJ Jene and everyone involved in creating this film, it must have been hard work to put this all together and the efforts made are remarkably commendable! Definitely recommended to every and all Madonna fan, and hopefully they get the share the joy with a loved one like I did!

By David Bradley
What an Amazing documentary following Madonna and her fans who share amazing lifelong connections and a celebration of Madonna s Career from the beginning to the present. A must see documentary for all to appreciate and celebrate life !

By John A Arena
I attend Oxana’s beautifully done Documentary, Like a Prayer, in honor of Madonna, and her Fans. Oxana, meticulously collaborated such details of the lives of Madonna’s biggest fans, as well as drawing upon Madonna’s personal bond with them. I Loved watching the documentary. It definitely touched my heart.

By Kim Gonzalez

What a beautiful film Oxana Nabokova!
It touched my heart in a special way to see the experiences and journey throughout the documentary.Congrats ❤

By Carlos

Oxana, We have been chatting on IG for a while and last night I finally got to meet her in person at her private film screening. The film was phenomenal, inspiring and toched my heart in many ways. You are amazing Oxana blessed with so much talent and with a heart of gold. ❤
Thank you for this opportunity to see your amazing film.

By Rondi Bryson

This movie is a must see! It will transform your life and push you to acheive your dreams! Oxana Nabokova and Jeannie Buxo your such beautiful souls. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful inspiring journey and dancing the night away with me at the after party. (and you can dance! For inspiration!)

By Noreen Vachi

Oxana, the film maker Like a Prayer Madonna fan Documentary. You are an inspiration to me to just follow your dream. Nothing you can’t do. Get out of your comfort zone and look for new challenges experience.

By Derrick Lewis

Oxana Nabokova thanks for having me at your “Like a Prayer” Documentary premiere in NYC last night. Your hard work really paid off. To share your personal stories was very braze of you to do. Wishing you all the best in this documentary doving very well. See you all at a Madonna show down the road.

By Kim Tang

…it was amazing. I didnt know what to expect and it touched me in every way ❤

 By Allan Angel

My first blog in a long while. I’ve been studying Fashion Design. It’s about my experience watching the amazing film Like a Prayer documentary by Oxana Nabokova.

By Kim Tang

As more and more people came for the LAP documentary. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. (Where as I too follow other bands andlet me tell you fans are drama) there were no cat fights, side eyes, or “you must not be a fan cos you havnet loved them from 78”– uh yeah sorry no. I even got a cute boy to say hee wanted to be my Sean Penn– hmm I thought ok either he wasnts to be the lover of my life or he wants to beat me up. The lovely Oksana andJeannie who are part of the fim came and did everything from checking us in to mingling to I think running the prjoector at the theatre. They even did a Q&A. The few first mins were I thought yeah yeah I’ve heard and seen this with omd/Duranies/tff(ers) /Bowie/osmond fans. The same stories but different entertainers. Then it happened. It shows the real life of how it affects them into their everday lives. How caring peopel are to help. Raise money for charities etc. It really surprised me in a good way. I’m glad Madonna recognizes them for all they went through for her and to get to her. I dunno if I will financially ever be able to see her again but I’m glad I’m still a fan after all these years. My favorites were the old Madonna but I got into her more recent stuff. I don’t want to ruin the movie but I would definietly see it again when it comes back. Hopefully I’ll even make it to the after party hehe

By AnastasiyaSerhiyenia

“Like a Prayer: A Documentary Film” is a very uplifting, amateur film about Madonna’s fans. I never seen anything like this. It is definitely very unique story about people’s life. There was a moments when I was crying, and laughing, and wanted to be Madonna’s fan. Is worth it to watch it and to feel this experience.