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Like a Prayer is on IMDB

I’m so happy to see that “Like a Prayer” film is on IMDB. Now my documentary film is on the most important database in the Movie/TV and Film Industry. I put everyone that worked on the film and people who were in the film.

I want to say to everyone, thank you for being a part of this amazing project. It means so much to me , especially because it’s my first film, and because this film is about Madonna and her fans.

I want to ask all the fans that saw the film to leave a review for me. Your review is the best reward I can get!

Official Trailer: Like a Prayer

Do you have an idol?

“Like a Prayer” follows real life stories about fan’s who are willing to go to the ends of the earth just to see their idol live in concert and its all for their love of Madonna.

But where is the line between reality and illusion?

“Like a Prayer” is the first documentary film of its kind exploring the other side of fandom that will surprise you.  It could even change your life.

Like a Prayer: A Documentary Film is written and directed by Oxana Nabokova.

Screenings in select Movie Theatres starting September 13th. Visit: for tickets and more information!

1st World Tour Film Screening Date:
Date:  Friday, September 13, 2019
Please arrive no later than
​7:00pm for a 7:30 pm start time
AMC Empire 25 -234 W 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036