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Madame X Tour in Lisbon, Portugal Show Review

Madonna was inspired tonight more than ever, thanks in part to Portugal and the Portuguese with their love, support and inspiration. Madonna sang a piece of “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvis Presley. (She had done this once as well at a U.S. Show date.)
The Polaroid picture that Madonna auctions off during the show was bought by a fan named Rafael from Brazil for $5,000 euros! At first, however, designer Francesco Scognamillo offered $1,000 euros, but later on in the show he was the special guest beer chair and sat next to Madonna!
Madonna thanked him for the dress that she was wearing.

He has been working with her since the Hard Candy era.

The song by Cesária Évora , called”Sodade” was back in the set list after having cut it out since Phildelphia and she was joined by special guest Dino Disantiago! It was fabulously beautiful, the fans in the hall gave her such a strong ovation, and very warmly welcomed, that Madonna even at one moment burst into tears from sheer emotion.
Finally and most importantly the show was recorded for a future DVD release. 2 cameras were fixed on each side of the stage. There was also one cameraman who was walking and shooting from different angles as well.

Special thank you to Vadim Grushevskiy for the review!

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Madame X TV Coming Soon From Lisbon

It’s been a while, since we had our last screening in America, in Miami. And I’m kind of missing that amazing time we had with Madonna fans.

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