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Reflecting on This Past Year

This year was the best year of my life. The first month of 2019 had begun with my “Like a Prayer” Film being complete after 4 years of hard work. Even though my editor and co-producer of this film Alexander Skomarkov believes the time that we spent on this film was only 2 years. Not 4.
The other 2 years were spent on learning ‘how’ to write the stories in the film, they were re-written and re-edited dozens of times, but for me everything began when I sent money to shoot the first story across the world. I want to say thank you to Alexander, not only for his incredible work, but also for pushing me to finish what I had started despite all the setbacks that I faced. “Like a Prayer” film – isn’t only a documentary for me.
This project taught me so much about life and showed me that kindness, love and humanity still exist in this world. I wanted Madonna to see this film so much, It was confirmed to me, that she has it, but for 10 months only silence..
I do appreciate the fact, that everyone else in her team saw it and they said they loved it. Despite that my dream is completely broken, my sadness and sorrow disappeared as soon as I see people’s reactions at my last 12 screenings. I see how my film has touched them in some way, they see themselves in the stories and they start to cry.
And it pleases me so much, when I get feedback or read reviews of the film, and it moves me to tears. This is the best award I could ever receive. And what I thought important before, doesn’t matter anymore. I’m very proud that Jeannie and I were able to organize 12 film screenings across America without any big budget or publicists but with only social media. We had screening in New York 4 times , then in Chicago, Las Vegas, 2 times in San Francisco, 2 times in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Miami)
I was so naive, I thought my film was finished after 4 years and my work was done. However, it has only just begun. I have never worked so hard in my life. And I’m very proud of myself for all what I have accomplished in these years. Thank you to everyone who keeps me motivated, who show me that they care.
And I’m looking forward to the new year, because sky’s the limit.

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