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Like a Prayer Film: The Spanish Version is Complete

I am so happy to announce that the Spanish version of my film “Like a Prayer” is finally complete! I am excited to announce the upcoming screening dates for our Spanish speaking fans will be announced here shortly! I would never be able to have a Spanish version without fans who decided to volunteer and translate the stories in my film in Spanish and I want to say thank you each of them for their incredible work that they’ve done and more importantly for their time, because it takes a lot of time.
Special thank you to Elsa Cavazos, and Alejandro Parrilla who checked the grammar and translated most of the film. And special thank you’s to Dirk Verbeeck, Abel Ryan Plourde-Pamatz Odt Saga Alexis Gonzalez Guarneros Peter Stacee Jazz who helped me to translate the rest of the stories.

Who speaks fluent spanish and would like to see the film in my home? If you live in the New York City area, I would like to invite one fan to check to see the film to make sure that the work was done correctly because I was putting the Spanish subtitles myself, and as you know I am no Habla Español! You will have an opportunity to see my work and I promise to serve light refreshments! Just submit below.

Oxana working on Subtitle Animation for “like a prayer”

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